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A Technology Solutions Provider

OEM Integration

Initio OEM Services provide a buffer between you and your supply chain that eliminates the delays, inventory scarcity, and part-replacement problems involved with direct vendor management.

Supply Chain Management
No need to wait for manufacturing delays with Initio. We provide inventory management of your supply chain, in our own warehouse or directly on your factory floor. We turn your forecasts into a just-in-time delivery system that allows you to respond quickly to your customers and smoothes out your manufacturing pipeline.

Supply Chain Management means that you deliver to your customers on time and without interruptions.

Small Quantity Integration

When you need an OEM integration, but you don’t need high volume – Initio can provide your small-run integration needs. Capital purchase and infrastructure products are high impact and low volume, but have the same integration needs as large-run products. We provide custom integrations that meet your specifications on a limited run basis, that makes sense for your business.

Small Quantity Integration gives you integrations that fit with your business regardless of the order size.

Field Replaceable Integration

Initio gives you a single source for your Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) including integration, asset management, delivery and deployment. We shield you from the manufacturer specific repair logistics provide by providing FRU replacement and re-conditioning.

Field Replaceable Integration means that your customers are up and running faster.

End-of-Life Product Lifecycle

When you have an extended product life-cycle you need a dependable source for manufacturing and replacement parts that is more the three year obsolescence cycle. Initio works with you on your Last Time to Buy to forecast your needs based on your product end-of-life and support needs. Initio manages the inventory you need and becomes your long-term supply partner.

End-of-Life Product Lifecycle gives you a single source for the lifetime of your product.