Initio Partners Supply Chain Management team has a breadth of experience with Contract negotiation, administration, and management with our team of experts. We leverage the TCO as the main target within any Lifecycle the client requires in all areas, specifically, acquisition, integration, operations and asset retirement if and as necessary.

Designing a complex technical solution is only half of a project. Initio teams with you to reduce the total cost of acquisition and ownership for all the products and services we represent directly and indirectly if you choose. Streamlining the requisition process from Sourcing, Procurement to product delivery and one stop shopping to consolidate purchasing of products from multiple vendors are just a few ways Initio can drive cost out of the procurement process. Our goal is to simplify your business operations, while saving you money on IT purchases. An Initio partnership means not only a strong technical solution but acquisition lifecycle management that a true partner brings to your organization.