A Technology Solutions Provider

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A Technology Solutions Provider


Initio makes the acquisition of hardware simple and cost effective. Hardware acquisition does not just involve purchasing equipment. The process of having mission critical hardware available for use, includes delivery, installation, and testing as well as simple acquisition. Value is the process not just the transaction.

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Software complexity has increased exponentially with the onset of distributed computing. The advent of middleware and evolution of operating systems has led to growing software conflicts that require solution expertise. The Initio software architects, create solutions to help you maximize the potential of your applications throughout an ever evolving life cycle.

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Simplifying the Technology Experience

Business and IT issues can be complex, cause potential revenue loss and impact both your customers and your brand’s integrity. Initio can help your organization design and implement solutions that reduce the impact of these issues, protect against security threats and assure application delivery to internal and external customers.

Initio is armed with the people, process and products to deliver successful solutions to complex & unique IT projects. Initio provides long term value, while enhancing the customer’s satisfaction by simplifying the technology experience.