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Support Contract Management

Multi-Vendor Contract Administration/Consolidation

Consolidated computing environments mean managing multiple vendors, support contracts, service levels, delivery procedures, and invoicing schedules. Initio has the ability and expertise to evaluate, consolidate and manage multiple contracts and vendor invoices. The delivery of the service is still provided by the
appropriate vendor, but you can reduce your administrative expenses and free up IT staff to deliver business value instead of managing contracts. As changes occur during the term of your agreement – such as items moved, added, or removed from your environment; Initio can make sure your agreements reflect the current compute environment.

Our proven contract management team can simplify the process and provide the same services at lower cost. Easy auditing, and the use of technology to manage technology inventories are just some of the procedures that allow us to reduce cost and complexity. In addition the ability to make contracts co-terminus allow for better budgeting and better payment options; thus reducing overall IT expenditure.

Different IT support companies have different contracts they offer to their customers, but they have few similar things that must be present in any contract. In the contract, you should be able to have a clear view of the period or the length of the contract. Each contract should clearly indicate when the contract starts and the ending time. In the contract, you should be able to answer your questions like what will happen if you decide to end the contract before the period is over. The above two points are very important and they should be clearly stated in the contract.

Another point you should expect in any IT support contract is the conditions for enforcing the contract.  The provider should make it clear how much you are supposed to pay for the contract and how you will solve disputes in case they arise. As a client, you should be free to share your views concerning the contract and respect the conditions. The duties and responsibilities of the client should also be included in the contract. As a client, you should know what is expected of you and what you ought to do before signing the contract. The best example is making sure that the computers are well protected from viruses and worms to enhance performance.

IT support contracts should cover the number of hours that the contract  is supposed to cover, and in case of any extra work, how much the  organization is to pay for additional work hours. The contract may also  provide that you can carry your unused hours to another period as you  wish without any problem. You should have knowledge on how much you are  paying and what you are paying for. This will help you arrange your  funds well and ask for more services if you need any.

The equipment that will be supported should also be listed in the IT  support contract. There are so many potential items that could be  supported, that it is a good idea to specify. If you are the person  supplying this, you should indicate what equipment will be given what  support. If there is anything you are supposed to do for the company,  make sure it is written down. This will help you keep record of what you have done and what the IT support contract is doing.

For any computer technical support, there are many online IT outsourcing support  companies that will help you with this. The online technical support  companies are there to solve all the problems you might have concerning  your software. If you have anything that you have been trying to solve  but can’t seem to find a way out, try computer technical supporters. The technical computer support companies have all the technical support  contracts that you may require like the virus removal support in case  your PC crashes due to virus infection. You do not have to locate where  they are situated in order to get help but you can always get computer  support via mail and even through phones.

If you have any problem and need a computer support, the IT support  companies will always try their best to solve the issue quickly using  any means. It is recommended to appoint one person in your organization  who will be giving you updates on what is going on and what should be  done. You should make sure that this person is an IT professional with the right IT job qualifications. Someone who understands terminologies used in IT field. This is very  important because if there is any problem and you need technical  support, it will be easier to understand the instructions if you have  someone that speaks the same language as the IT “geeks” or  professionals.

Even if you think you have the perfect IT supports contract that covers  all your needs, it will still not cover all potential scenarios (that’s  just the nature of contracts). For example there are companies that will ensure computer support but will not clean your system after it has  been infected by a virus. Another example is that if you are the one  that damages your computer, you may not be compensated as this is not  usually included in any contract.

The contracts should also specify the actions to be taken in case one  party breaches the contract or goes against what is required. There are  different ways in which the disputes that will arise can be solved. You  can resolve the issue between the two parties and make sure you reach an agreement or resort to litigation. Contracts are a lot of work no  matter how honest both parties are. It is a good idea to involve a  contract lawyer when dealing with IT support contracts.