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A Technology Solutions Provider

Storage Hardware

Storage Area Networks (SAN) can bring a substantial increase to the value of corporate information by making it more accessible. Along with this accessibility comes the need to manage larger amounts of data. SAN component interoperability and compatibility are the keys to making a successful environment.

As companies become more dependent on the data they produce, the loss of that data becomes exponentially more critical. Storage hardware and software solutions that provide Business Continuity and ease of recovery are more critical now than ever before.

Virtualization is the most significant change to the storage industry for years.

Environmental issues of power and cooling are quickly becoming the overwhelming cost of large storage environments. Initio has the experience and training to virtualize storage to reduce data center footprint and the high cost of power and cooling.

With years of experience in both the Mainframe and Open Systems environments, the Initio team has tools to provide integrated storage solutions for environments of any size. Initio represents the top-tier vendors of the storage industry to assist you with storage design, acquisition and implementation.

Talk to the Storage Team at Initio for the design, acquisition and configuration of your new or existing storage environment.