A Technology Solutions Provider

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A Technology Solutions Provider


Reduce IT Costs, Improve Flexibility & Responsiveness

Do more with less. Server sprawl, power usage and thermal management, are some of the most critical issues in any data center. Initio does not assume that a one-size-fits-all solution would work in this market.

Blades, large server virtualization, or highly centralized environments may be the solution for your particular business problem. Initio can help to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your IT operations by designing and deploying the right environment for the right task.

Keep Your Business Running Non-Stop

The disruption of IT services can be fatal to a business. Business continuity has become a fundamental element of IT strategies where even a small business needs to operate in a global 7×24 economy. The cost of lost business revenue or even worse…lost data, can be astronomical to a business.

Initio’s history and years of support for the telco industry, translates the 99.999% uptime expected with wire-line phones into highly available, robust data center environments.

Complete Solutions

Initio has the technical resources and expertise to build the environment that you need. With the proper configuration tied with our seasoned implementation practice, we deliver the server solutions that support any customer application.