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A Technology Solutions Provider

Network Hardware

The network is the backbone of every data center

Initio represents the top-tier of networking hardware vendors that allow customers to source network components as well as installation and configuration services to complete the solution. We offer hardware solutions for Local Area Networking, Wide Area Networking as well as Wireless applications.

Organizations must consider how they can best enable their networks so that their companies can continuously take advantage of new applications quickly, secure them easily, and manage them efficiently.

Threats are everywhere

With all networking solutions security must be pervasive and integrated into the fabric of the network infrastructure as well as the hardware itself. Initio has the experience to provide hardware to enhance network security and prevent unauthorized access.

Networks have evolved

Converged networks support all forms of media, including data, voice (IP Telephony) and video services all on the same network. We offer a number of different platforms, customized and configured according to your application needs.

As networks continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, IT organizations face the challenges of consolidating resources, simplifying management, and reducing their costs.

Contact Initio for all of your network hardware needs.